One Thing At A Time

One Thing At A Time

Multi-tasking and I? Let’s just say we’re not the best of pals, okay? I’m the kind of person who can either do one thing at a time very well or many things at once not very well – at all.

Oh sure, I can paint my nails while watching a video in the background, but recently, as a slew of bigger priorities came my way, I dropped the ball here and there. Also, I’m very bad at painting my own nails so maybe I really shouldn’t be watching renovation videos while doing it. Gorgeous decor can be very distracting.

I don’t know how people are able to keep multiple plates spinning at once. I mean, kudos to working parents, man. The only living beings I’m responsible for are my cat, my plants and myself and it feels like a lot.

I’m pretty sure to anyone looking at me from the outside, I kind of look like I’m a houseplant myself because I don’t seem to be doing much at all. It’s because my brain has taken a holiday without me. It took one look at my To-Do list, felt overwhelmed and ran away. You know that feeling though, right? You have so many things to do and end up doing nothing at all because you’re overwhelmed? Yep, same.

I was distracting myself by looking at pretty things on Pinterest when I came across a quote that said: “Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.” I don’t know about you, but that was free wisdom right there so I took it and ran with it.

One step, one thing at a time. That’s all I can do right now. That’s all anyone can do, really, according to this article on The Atlantic on why some people are better at multi-tasking than others. If you’re one of them, send me some tips, eh?

Until next time, have a good week, lovelies.

A New Chapter: Hindsight is 20/20

A New Chapter: Hindsight is 20/20

Happy New Year, my lovelies.

Personally, I don’t feel any different but I guess that’s to be expected with what’s happened in the past year. Such unpredictability makes it tough to know how to feel about the upcoming future.

2020 was a yin-yang year for so many of us: so many ups and downs, conflicting emotions, sadness and worry about the pandemic, and yet at the same time, gratitude for what we’re already so blessed with. It still confuses me even now.

Earrings – justpeachy
Hairband – SheIn
Dress – H&M
Rollneck Jumper – Local Shop
Shoes – Get Glamr

When we first ushered in 2020, the phrase that had come to my mind back then was the one that says “Hindsight is 20/20.” It’s a phrase that means that it is much easier to understand situations you’ve experienced in the past when they’re analyzed later on; and I think that 2020 – and its following period – will serve as a perfect example of that phrase.

The future provides a different perspective to things when you’ve had enough time in between then and now. There are lessons that came with last year that we’ve already begun to understand, but I have a feeling that there’s still a lot more to appreciate and realize.

Figuratively speaking, I fell to my knees, downtrodden, many times in 2020. I’m still trying to figure many things out, trying to find my feet again. My one wish for myself and for every one of you is that we will remain strong, bull-headed and stubborn enough to hold on to our dreams and our visions for life no matter what comes our way.

I hope you and I find what we’re looking for in 2021. Here’s to a new chapter.