What to Look for in a Great Basic Blazer

What to Look for in a Great Basic Blazer

Hello, lovelies. I hope you’re all doing as well as can be.

Twice a year, the changing of seasons brings about the dilemma of how to dress for days that see sunshine and pleasantness one moment and then perhaps rain and dark skies the very next. For times such as these where we could see two or more seasons in the span of a single day, I have one word for you: layering.

One of my favourite layering pieces is a good blazer. They’re really good for making a casual outfit – like this first one with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans – look that much smarter and put-together; and I can’t think of the words ‘smart casual’ without a blazer popping into mind.

The thing with blazers is that they’re really easy to get wrong when you’re shopping for them on a budget. When I’m looking for one, I make sure to keep an eye out for five things that – to me – make a really good basic blazer: material, structure, fit, colour and print.

The material and structure of a blazer affect how it will sit on your body. Personally, I never buy blazers that are made of a material that is too thin or has stretch in it because even when the blazer is lined, it can’t hold its shape and there’s no sense of structure. They sag and pull at the seams and it’s just not a good look.

Blazer – H&M
T-Shirt – SheIn
Jeans – Lulu & Sky
Shoes A local shoe store

When it comes to fit, I prefer blazers that are straight-cut, longline and have full-length sleeves (that are not pre-gathered like this one). In my experience, blazers with these features are way more versatile. The blue one I’m wearing is worn more casually in the first outfit, but fits in easily with a more formal outfit as well.

As for colour and print, again, you’ve got to keep in mind versatility because when you’re on a budget, you want your blazer to go with a lot of outfits. So of course, solid black is a great colour to have a blazer in. If you’re not into dark colours as much, then a solid beige- or camel-coloured one is also fantastic to have. Prints are reserved for other clothing in my wardrobe, such as my tops or dresses, so that I can mix and match my solid-coloured blazers with them more easily.

Blazer – H&M
DressCustom Made
Bag Gifted
Shoes – Mast & Harbour

When you’ve got your basic blazer pieces down, feel free to graduate to other colours, prints and fits. I made sure I had a great solid black blazer as well as a solid camel one before I moved on to buy this blue blazer and then, more recently, a mustard one – which I’ll be showing you in a haul on my YouTube channel very soon!

I hope my tips help you find your perfect blazer. Until next time!

Too Late for Florals? Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of my Floral Dresses Edit.

I have been patiently waiting to upload this post because when the recent thunderstorms descended upon Shillong, it really did seem “too late for florals”.

The good news is that the sun is shining outside right now as I’m writing this. The not-so-good news is that this dress is from SheIn and we all know what’s happened there. A bit of Googling has planted seeds of hope that the website might return so fingers crossed. My wishlist on there was a mile long before we were parted.

Photography courtesy my boyfriend A.L.

The print on this dress I’m wearing is a beautiful mix of details in different size ranges. From the large flowers to the small ditsy ones, the print is really well balanced. It fits into Trinny Woodall‘s advice that I mentioned in my previous post about not letting a print overwhelm you.

Wrap dresses are a great piece for any body shape, I’d say. They’re great for highlighting your waist and giving you that hourglass shape. (You know how I love it when I get #waisted.) Wrap ties on dresses and tops are wonderful for adjusting the piece to fit the shape of your body. They’re super flattering and I can’t recommend them more.

Headband Stoln (similar linked)
NecklaceCustom Made
Dress – SheIn
Shoes – Truffle Collection

There’s more than a small nip in the air in town these days – especially when it rains and in the evenings – so my floral dresses will be going into hibernation real soon.

Thank you for visiting my little space on the world wide web and I hope you’ve enjoyed my #FloralDressesEdit posts. Find my previous two posts here and here.