Do I Look Like an Aviator Yet?

*Disclaimer – I’m currently self-isolating. These images were taken weeks ago.

I think that women aviators throughout history have always looked so bad-ass. This outfit was particularly inspired by the WASPs – the Second World War female pilots who carried out non-combat military duties.

This aviator-styled jacket from Vero Moda was particularly perfect this passing winter. The faux suede with the shearling linging? *Chef’s kiss* So snug and warm.

The turle-neck was harder to find in this pigeon blue colour than I thought it would be. Marks & Spencer saved the day once again. It’s not a brand that I would think have the kind of pieces that I like but they’ve really upped their game recently.

Jacket – Vero Moda
Turtle-neck Sweater – Marks & Spencer
Necklace – H&M
Jeans – Forever 21
Boots – H&M (similar style linked)

I don’t really wear blue all that much but there’s something about pigeon blue that I just can’t get over. I think it looks like a more mature light blue, a colour that’s uncommon but so lovely.

I like to keep things on the more light-hearted side on this blog but I have to acknowledge what’s happening around the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve never witnessed a global reaction like the one we’ve seen recently and it’s scary. But I’ve also seen such strength and hope and it’s so moving.

I hope you’re all washing your hands and doing your bit to flatten the curve. Stay safe, my dears. I’m sending my love to all of you.

Not Saving the Best for Later

I used to be the kind of person who would buy some really great wardrobe pieces but never “had the occasion” to wear them. From clothes to shoes and jewellery, I just kept telling myself I would wear them later when the time presented itself… but those times hardly ever came.

I mean, it could also be because I went to a school that required us to wear a uniform so I never had the daily opportunity to let my sartorial wings fly. Then college happened and those pieces came out of the closet – so to say.

The grey short coat with slightly puffed sleeves that made me feel like I was Maria from ‘The Sound of Music’? Wore it. Funky ankle socks with heeled brogues? Wore them. A grunge tee with my black and white vertical striped jeans? Check!

I was experimenting almost daily, trying to get the use out of all my stuff. I still remember a friend of mine saying to me once, “I look forward to seeing what you come dressed as everyday.” Noice.

My experimentation with different styles does get a reaction from people. I’ve been told I looked like I was dressed like a nun to another time being called a goth (it was the theme of my sister’s birthday and I had to go straight to dinner from classes so I dressed theme and went to class that way).

No matter what people say (especially if it’s something negative) and no matter how many stares I get, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass. If what I’m wearing makes me feel good and I’m not spilling out (ya know what I mean), I’m going to keep wearing it. Most people react positively though, so that’s fant-ass-tic.

So, what’re you saving your best pieces for? There’s no greater occasion for them than the occasion of actual life, my people. No regrets.

Hat – H&M
Sweater – Honey by Pantaloons
Longline Cardigan – Forever 21
Jeans – Ether by Myntra
Belt – H&M
Boots – H&M