Why the Seychelles are the most beautiful islands on EarthSeychelles is perhaps the first name that comes into the mind when one thinks about a relaxing, unique, enjoyable vacation. Located about 1500 kilometers east of Africa’s main land تور های سیشل, Seychelles is an archipelagic destination and is a constellation of about 115 islands, majority of which have been lauded for its picture perfect, breathtaking surroundings that consists of tranquil secluded white sandy beaches, verdant green areas, forested regions that are rich in rare varieties of flora and fauna, and superb granite boulders. Hence, it is not a wonder why Seychelles has been rated among the top ten island destinations in the world.

Start your Seychelles vacation from Mahe – the Seychelles’ main island that is regarded as the gateway to the country. The cultural as well as the economic hub of the Seychelles’ inner islands, Mahe boasts of highlights like the Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and Morne Seychellois National Park. If you are a nature lover, then take a tour to the Seychelles’s second largest island Praslin, which in turn is home to Vallee De Mai -a World Heritage Site that stands out for its attractions such as coco-de-mer palms and black parrots.

Equally worth mentioning are the Seychelles pristine, uncrowded beaches, which among many others, are Beau Vallon, Glacis Beach, North East Point Beach, Anse Royale, Anse Marie Louise, Anse Soleil, Grande Anse, Anse Marie-Louise, and Anse Victorin. All of the beaches in Seychelles are noted for its tranquil settings, which make it a perfect spot for honeymooners and romantic couples who want to rekindle their relationship. Further, these beaches provide opportunities for the vacationers to indulge in a number of activities, from scuba diving, fishing, and sailing to paragliding, surfing, and swimming.

In addition, Seychelles vacation includes such incredible options as Aldabra coral atoll, which is the country’s another World Heritage Site that holds the distinction of being having the world’s largest giant tortoise population. As part of Seychelles vacation, you can also enjoy a variety of other interesting activities like island hopping, trekking, bird watching, golf, and shopping. Above all, Seychelles’ gastronomy with influences of Asian, African, and European flavors deserves a special mention.

In short, Seychelles is a perfect vacation spot and has something for everyone. In fact, there is no exception in the case of accommodation options available at the place, with a variety of superb choices. For instance, if you are ready to spend extravagantly for your Seychelles vacation, then options are at your disposal in the form of four star and five star Seychelles hotels and resorts. However, if you have limited budget, then opt for choices like villas, chalets, and guest houses. Some high end hotels even provide packages in the form of honeymoon packages, wedding packages, holiday packages, and family packages for your Seychelles vacation. There are also hotels that customize packages to suit your unique needs. The second largest island is Seychelles is Praslin, which is located about 45 kilometers north-east of Mahe. Bounded by smaller islands such as Cousin Island, Aride Island, and Curieuse Island, Praslin is a stupendous tropical island, and what that makes it special is Valle de Mai – a UNESCO world heritage site that is abundant in a rare species of palm tree namely coco de mer.

It also boasts of some of rarest birds including black parrots, Seychelles bulbul, and fruit pigeon. Things to see in Praslin also include Anse Lazio Beach that is acknowledged as the world’s best beach and Anse Volbert Beach – a safe haven for enjoying activities like swimming and diving. Praslin is also renowned for its unique black pearl formed by pearl oysters. All these islands fall under one of the two distinct groups of Seychelles namely Inner Islands, another being Outer Islands. Alphonse and Desroches with excellent sailing and diving options are some of the most visited islands in the Outer Island groups. In order to cater to the growing number of visitors touring the place, Seychelles Islands provides a variety of accommodation options coupled with exceptional facilities and amenities in order to suit every taste and budget. Accommodation options to choose include luxurious five-star and four-star Seychelles hotels and resorts, guest houses, chalets, villas, and budget hotels.