We are Bradford: Things the city gave the world - BBC NewsSam Bradford, Cherokee Nation member, is another tribal member to be a starting quarterback for a Division 1 college football team and the tribe’s first Heisman trophy winner. Bradford started with the Oklahoma Sooners as red-shirt freshman and became the second sophomore to take home the coveted Heisman Trophy. Sam Bradford’s star is considered on the rise in football and is Things to do in Bradford predicted to be a first pick in the 2010 National Football League draft picks by both Sports Illustrated and ESPN television. Bradford has racked up numerous awards with the Sooners and is expected to have a shining career in front of him.

The athlete has unexpectedly come known as, Sam Bradford Native hero. He has been the talk of tribes all over North america and has become a symbol of the Cherokee Nation. Although only 1/16th Cherokee, Bradford has been accepted as a shining example of how the tribe is making things happen and advancing forward. His start status is not just as an athlete either. Amongst teenagers, especially girls, he considered somewhat of a sex symbol given his good looks and confident attitude. Bradford’s meteoric rise is being followed by youngsters all over Oklahoma. He has been touted as being a symbol of humble leadership, a trait that the Cherokee have been proud of for centuries.

Sam Bradford himself seems non-plussed by his stardom and keeps everything in perspective. He continues to do well in school while playing just as hard as always. Bradford has the respect not just of his young fans, tribal heads and coaches either, his teammates and competitors hold him in high regard as a fantastic player and good sport. There is virtually no one who has anything negative to say about Bradford, something not often seen in someone who has risen so quickly into stardom.

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