There are three vital components of an effective PowerPoint presentation, which presenters should consider: content, design, and delivery. The following is a list of effective Microsoft PowerPoint creation tips surrounding these components.

1. Focus on the Subject

Look for two or three main points before you write the content of your presentation. The data should basically point to the subject matter. The content should be reasonable and understandable. One should assess the audience’ preferences and which areas they need to learn about. Revise the content based on your assessment.

2. Pick a good design

Understandable and readable in appearance should be the main goal when designing your presentation. It is best to apply brief and succinct text on a slide. You also need to consider the font size and make sure it is readable. The color of the text should stand out against the background color. Furthermore, the design should be connected to the topic.

3. How you deliver your message

One important item on the list of PowerPoint creation tips is making sure that your delivery will help you win your audience’ attention. Maintain eye contact and dynamic powerpoint design training course energy so the audience will remain focused. Your voice also plays an important role in good communication. You can vary its tone if you want to emphasize on something.

In many cases, a presentation requires teamwork. One person will handle the design. The other person will handle content and another for delivery. Effective communication in a team is a must. In this case for example, the writer failed to tell his designer and deliverer the main points of the presentation. As a result, it creates confusion and the main points will not be stressed appropriately. By means of PowerPoint creation tips, creating a good presentation is so easy.

Increasing your Audience

Are you eager to show the world the successful presentation you’ve made with the help of these effective PowerPoint creation tips? If it’s yes, you might need the help of a converter in converting your PowerPoint file to video format. Afterwards, you can:

– Put the presentation on your website
– Present it on YouTube
– Save it on a CD which you can forward to prospects
– Show it on Facebook or your blog

Conversion from PowerPoint to video format is very useful particularly in promoting a product or company. YouTube or social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are alternative sites where you can also submit your video.