Pulsed Power And Its Applications | HackadayHeart Arrhythmia is a medical condition that although is not very common it in fact is very serious and needs to be closely monitored. Heart Arrhythmia occurs in a situation where the normal pulse rate or beating of the heart is at an abnormal rhythm. This abnormality Pulse Power can be caused by many different factors that still to this day have baffled scientists and physicians to figure out the true cause of the condition. Although the cause of the condition has not been figured out, the ability to monitor the condition now is available. A device that has proved to be particularly useful and helpful to those individuals who have heart arrhythmia is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is an extremely useful and effective device that is used to measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation of individuals with various health conditions. More advance pulse oximeter devices also have plethysmograph capabilities as well as perfusion index capabilities. Because of the ability to use the device to monitor the heart, the pulse oximeter is a preferred device of choice by patients monitoring their Heart Arrhythmia. The individual patient simply places their finger inside the device and within seconds they get a reading of their pulse rate and perfusion index. By doing this the person can continuously monitor their heart to ensure that it is functioning at normal levels and if not they will seek immediate medical attention in order to diagnose their problem.

The way that a pulse oximeter can be particularly useful for individuals with heart arrhythmia is that they can take the device wherever they desire to go. The newer generation of pulse oximeter products are extremely portable. They are only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone and also are powered by a batter power whereby the device is completely portable. Say for example an individual has heart arrhythmia and as such they need to constantly monitor their health in order determine where it is functioning at health levels. If they decide to go on vacation or even to engage in physical activity, they can simply always carry with them their pulse oximeter device that they can use to monitor their heart. They simply place their finger inside the device and get an instant reading of their heart beat or pulse rate and as such they have the monitoring power right in their hands. The previous generation of oximeter devices although were extremely effective they however were not portable. Thus the individual patients had to be in a hospital or clinical setting in order to have their heart monitored. The device is not only extremely effective and accurate but it is also very cost effective. With the advent of new chip technology the devices have decreased dramatically in both size and price. Thus this allows for more individuals to have access to such a useful device without the concern that they could not afford the device due to their limited budget and limited financesIf you operate a day spa, medical day spa or dermatological practice, chances are that you have been conducting some research into intense pulsed light equipment. Not all equipment that you can buy is the same by any means. We shall veer away from mentioning any name brands, as this article is not about selling you on any specific brand. Rather, it’s about providing you with some helpful pointers that can enable you to choose the best brand for your hard earned business dollar along the way. With that in mind, the following tips can be applied to any brand that you might find, and can enable you to find the best equipment for your practice’s needs.

You want to ensure that the machines that you consider purchasing will provide the power that you need. The rule of thumb to follow here is to avoid machines that produce anything less than 50J/cm². Even 40/cm² may not provide enough power for you to produce the results that your clients expect. Always consider the power rating when shopping.

A commonly overlooked aspect includes pulse flashes. The basic rule you want to follow here is one flash per second. Anything less is just not enough. Otherwise, a 30 minute treatment could actually require two hours to perform because your pulse flashes are not high enough to meet your blocked hoursA big concern with EMP’s are with solar flares, but why is that? A severe solar flare has a similar geomagnetic storm to an E3 area of a HEMP. Solar flares happen every day and in most cases it takes less than a day to reach Earth (sometimes only 17 hours). If your entire city was told you had 17 hours until a solar flare might destroy your city’s power for a few weeks would you be prepared? Or more likely you wouldn’t have a warning (like the province of Quebec on March 13).