Styling ’70s Outfits with My Siblings

And we’re back! This time with outfits inspired by the ’70s. I personally took a lot of inspiration from ‘That ’70s Show’ for my own outfits. My sister, Ila, is missing from the first set of images because she had course work to still do. More on this in a bit.

My Outfit
Headscarf Old
T-shirtHoney by Pantaloons
JeansMast & Harbour via

Since we’re talking the ’70s, what was more iconic than ‘Charlie’s Angels’? Of course, I was too young for the original TV run but when the 2000 movie came out, I was all over it. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu – completely badasses.

Let’s not talk about the 2019 one though, okay?

Finally! The four of us together.

My Outfit
Top Old
SkirtForever 21
ShoesDorothy Perkins

We were shooting the first images and Ila was stalking us from her balcony so we told her that if she had time to watch us, then she definitely had time to shoot with us. Tori quickly styled her up and there you have us – the pseudo ‘Brady Bunch’.

Album cover, maybe? What band name would you give us?

We put on quite a show for our neighbours with our antics but you have to suffer for art, no? I’m kidding(?). But I hope you liked what we put together. Maybe we’ll do the ’80s next if everyone is feeling up for it.

Until later, gator. – The Kurbahs

Styling ’60s Outfits with My Siblings

Hello, lovelies. Hope you’ve been doing good. Had enough of Netflix-ing and Chilling? Tell me about it.

So, my sister, Tori, had the great idea of styling ourselves up in outfits reflecting different decades and we were all gung-ho about it.

After some research, here are the outfits we were able to come up with that would reflect the ’60s. Say hello to my wonderful siblings, Hame and Tori, and cue the ‘Swingin’ Sixties’!

In the first set of images, we’re hippies. Far out, man.

I mean, obviously, we couldn’t go out to buy any add-ons for our outfits so we did our best to scour our wardrobes to style ourselves the best we could. And you know what? I think we did pretty good.

My Outfit
Headband and Feather Extension – Old
Dress – Glamorous via
Boots – Metro via
I think I reached my lifetime quota of doing the peace sign while shooting these images.

For our next static performance, we got all dolled up and tried our best to personify Wes Anderson characters as much as possible.

Earrings – H&M
Gloves – Old
Coat – Yell
Dress – Forever 21
Shoes – Mast Harbour via
We’re ready for the big screen, I’m tellin’ ya.

I used to love watching the 2007 version of the movie musical ‘Hairspray’ so much that I actually bought the CD soundtrack. The story was set in the 60’s so I had an idea of what was required hair-styling wise. Only one problem: I had no hairspray or hair gel. So I settled for the easiest high ponytail. What do you think? Yes? No?

How did they do it back then? Had that hairstyle for an hour and my scalp was crying.

We’re missing one of my sisters here because she had a lot of work to do course-wise so it was just me, Hame and Tori – the genius who pulled us all together to do this!

This was a lot of fun; and we have such great images and memories to look back on later. I’m grateful that we were together to actually pull it off.

We’re going to be trying our hand at styling the ’70s next so hold on to your hats for that one. Until next time!

xoxo – The Kurbahs