It’s 8K and 3D ready, with a CineWhite material that’s certified by the ISF to accurately reproduce colors. A good screen is one that fits your needs and the space where you want to watch movies and TV. For some people, the best projector screen will be one that best reflects uniform high-definition images. For other people, an inflatable screen that blows up before the big game is the best way to play it. If you want a fully flat image and plan on keeping your projector setup around for a year or more, spending a little extra on a tensioned setup is the way to go.

The Neve White can be ordered with optional sound transparency perforation to ensure the screen doesn’t alter the sound of your presumably expensive and crystal clear audio system. The Sable Frame B2 is a really solid frame, which is permanently in place. And of course, it stops any light hitting it from the projector being reflected back at you. In a room with complete light control, a white screen outperforms a grey one. You’ll want a white screen in a room with no other light sources, especially nothing coming in from a window or doorway. In a dark setting, a white screen produces a brighter, sharper image than a grey screen.

Item Number: Elite-ER200WH2

If you’re setting up a theater room, you’ll have seats spread across a wide area and you’ll want to get the same picture everywhere. If Motorized Projection Screen ’re getting a screen for a theater room, you may want to dip below 1.0 screen gain – gain is explained below). Some grey screens claim a 0.8 measurement, which would help in wider rooms. In general, a high gain is more helpful in a wider range of environments while a low gain is better at accurate color recreation and producing wide viewing angles.

From brightness and picture clarity to automation, viewing angle and more, we break down this year’s best projector screens.

This screen and its variants are definitely not for everyone, but you do get what you pay for, and this is an absolute monster of a product. However, despite the Vamvo Outdoor Indoor claiming that it can be used, well, both indoors and outdoors, the reality is a little more complex. Without a very dark environment, such as a basement with blackout curtains, there is a noticeable degradation and picture quality. And while the screen is easy to build it’s also easy to tip over. This from happening, and we think the great picture quality is enough to mitigate these issues.

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